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Jenny Bergman
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Stöd till cancerrehabilitering
We have started this fundraising to the benefit of CancerRehabFonden, which is an independent non-profit organization that provides cancer rehabilitation.

We will do the Lady Classic races ('Tjejklassikern') during 2018. This means that we will complete 4 different races; 30km cross country skiing in February, 100km cycling in June, 1000m open water swimming in July and 10km running in September. We have never done anything like this before and to keep the motivation going we have decided to do this to the benefit of Cancer Rehab Fonden. We both have close family and friends that have suffered from this horrible disease and Cancer Rehab Fonden supports both children and adults to cope.

Edrington Group (employer to one of us) will also double match the amount that we manage to raise, so each 1 kr/£/€ will become = 3 kr/£/€.

So please support us this year and make a donation!
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Jenny Bergman donated 300 kr

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  • Ana Siova Ana Siova donated 20 kr

  • Malte Edling Malte Edling donated 350 kr

  • Jenny Bergman Jenny Bergman
    Hi All,
    We woudl like to say abig THANK you to all of you who sponsored us durign this year. We collected 13650 SEk and with Edrington 'double-match' this will become 40950 SEK to Cancer Rehab Fonden.
    So big thank you !!
    Jenny & Erika
  • Katja Skaarud CancerRehabFonden
    Hej Erika & Jenny

    Tusen tack till er båda för ert stöd till CancerRehabFonden – det uppskattas enormt. Och vad roligt att eran insamling gick så bra!
    Tillsammans hjälper vi ännu fler cancerdrabbade medmänniskor tillbaka till livet.

    Stort grattis till genomförd Tjejklassiker från alla oss på CancerRehabFonden
  • Cecilia Sjöberg Cecilia Sjöberg donated 300 kr

    Bra jobbat tjejer!

  • Dale Marshall Dale Marshall donated 500 kr

  • Jenny Bergman Jenny Bergman donated 300 kr

  • Jenny Bergman Jenny Bergman
    We did it!!! 😀 Yesterday we completes the last race out of the 4 in the Swedish Lady Classics. Big thank to all of you that have given us support and made donations. It kept us going!
  • Ulrika  Hedlund Ulrika Hedlund donated 300 kr

  • Jenny Bergman Jenny Bergman
    Less than 3 weeks to go for our final race (10km running). by that time we have - hopefully - completed all 4 races in the Swedish Lady Classics to the benefit to Cancer Rehab Fonden. Please help us and share this so that we can give as much as possible to the charity. Remember that Edringtno will double match every single donation. That means every 1 £/€/kr = 3£/€/kr
  • Tara  Nikula Tara Nikula donated 300 kr


  • David Nish David Nish donated 500 kr

    Well done, Jenny. Good luck with the run.

  • Pamela Marshall Pamela Marshall donated 500 kr

    Well done Jenny - such an amazing cause (next you'll be doing Triathlons regularly!!) ;0)

  • Maria Sund Maria Sund donated 200 kr

    For the greater good ❤️

  • Shrikar Keskar Shrikar Keskar donated 300 kr

    All the best!

  • Alastair Currie Alastair Currie donated 300 kr

    Go Jenny! Great effort with the swimming and cycling, and a fantastic cause.

  • Jenny Bergman Jenny Bergman
    Two out of the 4 races are now complete! We completed the cross country skiing race in February and the cycling race yesterday! It was a great experience!
    Time to start preparing for the third one; open water swimming in July
  • LG Bergman AB LG Bergman AB donated 500 kr

  • Ulla och Lasse Bergman Ulla och Lasse Bergman donated 1,000 kr

    Kämpa på tjejer. 🤗♥️♥️

  • Trish Livingstone Trish Livingstone donated 200 kr

    Go Girls!

  • Scott Adams Scott Adams donated 200 kr

    Good luck!

  • Alastair Burke Alastair Burke donated 500 kr

    Go team Bergman!

  • Malte Edling Malte Edling donated 500 kr

    Bra initiativ och en bra början på klassikern.

  • Teresia Wikström Teresia Wikström donated 250 kr

    Härligt "systrarna" Bergmans! Heja Heja! Lycka till! :)